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Kitchens, baths and closets are some of the most personal, intimate and important spaces of any home, and having the ability to design your own is most anyone’s dream. At ITALKRAFT, we live to realize this dream for others.

Whether your design is on the back of an envelope or you have a full set of plans and an architect on-board, we have the infrastructure – our manufacturing facility in Italy not being the least of it - to realize almost any design. There is nothing “standard” about us.

Over time, our showrooms have become a sort of workspace for designers and purveyors to “play” with new materials so we often have access to innovations months before they are available to the general market. And if we don’t have it, we can usually make it. Our Designers are constantly traveling, researching absorbing, learning and will contribute ideas you may have otherwise not have thought of.

We’ve elevated luxury custom kitchen baths and closets to the point of efficiency, it’s our core competency.

Let’s make your dream a reality.